Workshop “Futurology”

Attention: There won't be a futurology workshop for the summer term 2022 lecture series.

In addition to our summer term 2021 lecture series on Peace & Sustainability an accompanying workshop took place each week. This rather informal meeting was open to everybody who wishes to unfold new controversial thoughts concerning the idea of futurology and peace studies in different scientific disciplines.

Anybody who just wants to listen and be inspired is also most welcome. The workshop intends to discuss and develop the topics, ideas, questions and problems from the latest lecture further in an atmosphere of open communication. It is therefore characterised as a small type of think tank that can take place online via Zoom or lateron in a well suited bar, lounge, café or even outdoors. Attending the lecture series is a helpful preparation for the workshop but not a necessary requirement.

The open discussion session did occur every Wednesday 6pm on Zoom