Summer Term 2021 Lecture Series:
"Interdisciplinary Forum: Peace & Sustainability"

With a lecture series in the summer term 2021, we want to foster a debate on the topics of sustainability and peace research from different disciplinary perspectives and intend to create a broad interdisciplinary dialogue on issues of scientific and public relevance. We want to provide an overview about the diversity of research in the fields of sustainability and peace research at the University of Cologne and embed these research activities in a larger context of current social, ecological and economic trends. The presentations themselves are designed to provide both a general idea about current research and debates, yet should also go beyond disciplinary boundaries and directly address the expertise of colleagues from other disciplines.

Every Monday, 17:45
All discussions are held through Zoom: 979 3460 7986, Passcode: Forum-I
All material and a discussion forum are provided through ILIAS.
If you need CPs, please register via KLIPS number 14756.8005.

DateLecturerTitleDiscussion Channel
12.04.2021Kirk Junker and Karl Schneider (perspectives from law and geography on interdisciplinarity)Why should we care about interdisciplinarity?Online foyer
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19.04.2021Carl-Friedrich Schleußner1.5°C to survive – Climate impacts, conflicts, and migrationOnline foyer
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Hauke-Peter Vehrs, Volker Ossenkopf-OkadaExperiences with and aspirations towards interdisciplinarityOnline foyer
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03.05.2021Birgit WeberClimate Justice and international cooperation:
Challenges for an Education for Sustainable Development
10.05.2021Susanne CrewellWhy is climate change most pronounced in the Arctic?
17.05.2021Astrid Kiendler-ScharrAir Quality and Climate
31.05.2021Stephan SchlemmerEnvironmental Physics in Laboratory and Applications
07.06.2021Michael BolligConservation for Africa in the 21st Century: Future Orientations of a Vanguard Narrative
14.06.2021Boris BraunCollaborating across the divide – experiences with interdisciplinary research on sea level change and natural hazards
21.06.2021Fabian KloseChanging Paradigms of Peace – the United Nations, Human Security, and the Idea of Responsibility
28.06.2021Franz KrauseInhabiting Global Change Locally: Colonialism and Climate in the Canadian Mackenzie Delta
05.07.2021Frauke KraasPreparing megaurban communities for climate change: The example of Bangkok/Thailand
12.07.2021Markus SchifferNuclear reactors and our environment
Angelika NußbergerHuman Rights and Peace