Multispecies Research Network

The Multispecies Network is an initiative of scholars based at the Global South Studies Centre at the University of Cologne. The network was initiated by anthropologists from the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology that are dedicated to study multispecies assemblages, entanglements and networks and who would like to explore multispecies relations on a multi- and interdisciplinary level. In two major projects – the Collaborative Research Centre 228 and the REWILDING programs – we look at multispecies relations in Eastern and Southern Africa over the next years and engage with questions such as:
What are the characters of multispecies relations in different contexts, what kinds of transformation processes do these relations experience, and how are multispecies futures envisioned, proposed and created?

Little Bee-Eater (Merops pusillus) in the Zambezi Region, Namibia

Multispecies Reading Group

The Multispecies Reading Group engages in the exploration and reading of texts that deal with multispecies relations in the humanities. Inspired by the works in the field of multispecies ethnography, we engage with materials that offer new perspectives on animal-human relations and emphasise a more-than-human perspective.

30 June 2021Multispecies EthnographyKirksey and Helmreich (2010): The Emergence Of Multispecies Ethnography
7 July 2021Feral AtlasTsing et al. (2020): Feral Atlas – The more-than-human Anthropocene
14 July 2021Patchy AnthropoceneTsing et al. (2019): Patchy Anthropocene: Landscape Structure, Multispecies History, and the Retooling of Anthropology
21 July 2021Critique towards the anthropocene concept and multispecies ethnographySmart (2014): Critical perspectives on multispecies ethnography
Hornborg (2017): Dithering while the planet burns: Anthropologists’ approaches to the Anthropocene
1 September 2021Discussion of our own projects (how to locate ourselves in and make use of MSE)
8 September 2021Discussion of our own projects (how to locate ourselves in and make use of MSE)
6 October 2021REWILDINGPresentation of the REWILDING project by Michael Bollig and Léa Lacan
13 October 2021The Etosha National Park and the HaiǁomUte Dieckmann presents her work
20 October 2021Multispecies ethnography or “Anthropology beyond the human”Ingold (2013): Anthropology beyond Humanity
10 November 2021Plurispecies communities of local beingsBird-David (2018): Size matters! The scalability of modern hunter-gatherer animism

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